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  1. Interesting, none of those 2 medications alter ACTH or cortisol (that I could find). Sometimes people have to throw their 2 cents in and you have to smile, nod, take a bite, complement, get back to what you're doing. Before I got cleared for surgery I had a PCP insist I take medication for each symptom rather than have surgery. It just gets ridiculous. It's like remodeling the living room with a big white elephant and it's pile of poo is standing there. "But you could add blinds, and pain the walls the same color as the elephant, that would solve it!" "but I want to remove the elephan
  2. Got it! WHew. Can you imagine staying at the hotel with all the endos for the conference? Oy! I'd wear a bright "do my adrenals make me look fat?" shirt. This article caught my eye: "Progesterone effective for hot flushes, night sweats up to 10 years after final menstruation" the women were given 300mg of Prometrium. That does knocks me out at night but makes me very depressed during the day. I wonder how much progesterone breaks down into estrogen.
  3. Anyone find the Gh info and Glucogone stim test? I clicked on 'hormones' then 'growth hormone' but didn't see it.
  4. Ohhhh this is neat! I wonder if they can make it change the bite so my TMJ can calm down.
  5. Several of these chemicals were band by the European Union. I wish the USA would do the same for us. I went on paraban-free-craze a few years ago. There are many products out there that say "no parabans". sometimes you can make your own products or switch to natural ingredients (switch to coconut oil for lotion).
  6. How does it affect sex hormones? Keto triggered really bad menopause symptoms (painful dry vaginal tissue+chronic yest), then after my BLA the estrogen and test. fell fast. I really resent Keto. Can it grow pit tumors the same way keto can?
  7. LOL .... the down arrow. Reminds me of those "baby" shirts. or "do my adrenals make me look fat?"
  8. Another list of articles on a pharmacy website http://stevensrx.com/bioidentical.html It's really comprehensive. Articles about compounded hormones, traditional pharmaceutical hormones, how estrogen can prevent UTIs. Research done by big name institutions... I'm on a hunt tonight b/c I have a new pcp that said he knows about bio-id and does not believe in them, but will continue any of my bio-id prescriptions if I need refills. My medical history already shook up his belief about the 'system'. We'll see what other beliefs will be shaken up over time.
  9. http://www.homecoalition.org/268/ "The FDA would like you to believe that bio-identical hormones are not safer nor as effective as FDA-approved hormone therapy drugs. The studies below have shown that bio-identical hormones are both safer and as effective as FDA-approved therapy, and that they provide additional positive benefits for patients with Alzheimer's, heart disease, and other health issues." Estriol is an Anti-carcinogen: This study shows that estriol is an anti-carcinogen when given with estradiol. The study also shows estriol's anti-carcinogenic effect reaching a max
  10. Glad to see that you're doing all right, I was getting worried since you haven't responded to any of my messages. I got a referral to Dr. McCutcheon so I should be seeing him soon!

  11. They mention saliva!? Yahooo! I hope more drs learn that saliva is acceptable!
  12. I've been sidetracked with life and haven't checked my inbox for the newsletters lately. When I had less going on I always read them. What has been capturing my attention is the links you post on FB and the new search/wiki thing. Right now, the FB links seem to be easier b/c it's one thing at a time. It's cool to see (and benefit from!) all the different ways you provide support for Cushies.
  13. Hope your post op is going well!!!

  14. It's much easier to read on his website. He has several articles that share that HGH can help fight tumors and cancer. Chapter 6: Human Growth Hormone (HGH) � The Misunderstood Partner 138 HGH treatment decreases cholesterol, triglycerides, and fibrinogen levels: Clin Endocrinol. (Oxf) 2006 Apr;64(4):444-9. Ahn CW et al.; Int J Obes Relat Metab Disord. 2001 Aug;25(8):1101-7. Nam SY et al. 132 HGH prevents and slows progression of arterial schlerosis: J Clin Endo Metab. 2005 Apr;90(4):2056-62. Colao A et al.; J Clin Endo Metab. 2005 May;90(7):3978-82. Lanes R et al. 132 HGH improve
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