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  1. Tested. Tests came back "normal". At The Mayo Clinic. ... Is it right? Only things that showed is that I have a vitamin D deficiency & he thinks I have cysts on my ovaries. :/ I'm only seventeen. I can't fight my parents to pay tons of money to see more doctors. I give up. -Lyssa
  2. So, Thursday I had retainers put into all my ear piercings that I wouldn't be capable of doing myself. Ow. Ow. & ow. It was worse than getting them pierced & I've had most of them like a year or more now. :/ So they're all healed. ***ing bullshit. I just want my regular metal junk back in & I'll be all good. Plastic SUCKS ass. I went to see Twilight on Friday & I saw it again on Saturday. Today I'm gonna try to sleep most of the day since we leave around 1:00am Monday morning (late Sunday night, basically. ) to go to The mayo. Wish my c
  3. Woke up, still wanted more sleep. Typical? Quite. Stretch a little bit, and BAM. Leg cramp. Get up fast, pain pain pain & more pain. Finally it stops and I LIMP my way to the bathroom as quick as possible because while trying to stand on it to make the pain stop I happened to feel my nose and realize my nose piercing wasn't there. REWIND: Last night I took out my regular nose piercing, a stud with a ball on the end and stuck a screw in it instead so it's easier to get in and out Monday when I have to put the retainer in it. Back to the story. I get another one and slid it in,
  4. I decided to hang out with one of my friends today for the first time in a little over a week. I just was getting to the point where sitting at home instead of helping was making things worse. I was feeling icky because everyday I would shower & then not do my hair or makeup and just sit around and sulk. Hopefully tonight I cheer up a little bit. -Lyssa
  5. Hasn't been much to say for the last few days other than that my moods have been all over the place & I've felt pretty crumby. I'll update later if anything of importance occurs. P.S. Might have a date this week. -Lyssa
  6. LyssaFace


    I feel okay today, I'm still very achy & tired but other than that I seem to not be too down today... Scratch that. I don't feel down until I think about stuff. ... Now I'm down. Wow that didn't happen fast at all. God, I need to get help. -Lyssa
  7. This is a post I made on the forum & I thought I should add it to my blog. I know I can be long winded, sorry. I was reading a thread on here where phil1088 was talking about how she doesn't remember what 'normal' feels like. It really got me thinking. I always assumed I was normal. Aside from my weight problem I felt fairly normal. I knew I had some problems with anxiety and depression and the littlest things could make me snap and start yelling at my mom, or dad and others as well. But I always assumed that most people had some problems like this and that it was normal to have
  8. Is there a chat going on too or just the interview to listen? I'm listening already...
  9. Referral made. Appointment date: Monday, November 24th 2008. 10:00 AM Nervous? Yes. Relived to be going to someplace good? Yes. Feeling any better physically or emotionally? Big no. Let's hope a week and three days flies by fast, shall we? -Lyssa
  10. So, I thought I'd start a blog on here today to document what happens in my life with my health issues. Here's what's already occurred. Hi, my name is Alyssa but I go by Lys or Lyssa. I'm a seventeen year old female and currently am at 258 lbs, my highest weight yet. About two years ago my mother requested to have my records from doctor and ER visits released to her because school was threatening truancy due to my extensive absences. FLASHBACK: My absences are due to me having a low immune system due to all the steroids I have been on and off of. Every time I would get sick my asth
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