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  1. Foot infection from a foot doctor's treatment plan, started on July 8-9th , emergency surgery July 12, 09 at 10:30pm. 2 incisions, open and packed.

    IV antibotics for three days in the hosptial, home and on two antibiotics. Contracted MRSA.

    Trying to go to Dr Holmes in August. Doubt I can go now.

  2. Doctor said my cortisol was a little high in my UFC 24 hour test...57. 5

    Trouble is I have no reference range to see how high I really am. He says stress can do this..but now one wants to look at the hump. He also says that my MRI came back normal...whatever that means. I wish I could see it....

    Doctor Behnke sent me to Hersey Medical Center for more testing, though. Dont know whether to continue or to just go to California!

  3. Waiting to see Endo on June 9th...had an MRI and can't wait to hear what he found. Nor sure what, since I had it about three weeks ago and never heard a word. Also had UFC...


    Sick yesterday...pain radiated from my hump, and caused a headache. My whole neck was so uptight, What I use to think was I was in need of an adjustment is really tightness from a high cortisol...hummmm.


    Tired of being sick and "different"

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