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In 1994 I was in a bad car accident in witch I had spinal cord injuries.After much therapy's and Medications they finally did surgery on my spinal corn. It had granduloma's on my spinal cord that had migrated about 17" up my spinal cord. The surgon got out all that he could, some small pieces went thru my brain. I'm very lucky that with a lot of therapy, bed rest, wheel chair, I can walk with a cane

on my good days and a walker on my not so great days. I am still in a great deal of pain and a lot of complications because of the surgery. Lymphedema,bowel problems, weakness on my left side.


InFeb 2009 I found out I had steriod induced cushings, and then a lot of other thing started to make since. If you want to see all my since effects I have to cushings please feel free to read my blog under jsdewys . So far cushings has been very hard for me to adapt to. I hope as I learn more about it , and they change my medications I'll feel better. Right now I'm on 10 mg hydrocortisone in the morning. I don't sleep at night at all and since I started the hydrocortisone my pain has been much worse.

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