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  1. http://www.suite101.com/content/sun-cycles-and-autoimmune-disease-a5570 I have cycles where I am skinny and feel great for about 2-3 years then I gain weight rapidly which doesn't come off, insomnia and low grade depression for about 2-3 years. After 35 years I finally got the answer. I swing from hyperthyroid to hypercortisol every few years. I always said it was like the 7 year itch. Every few years I have a major health crisis. When I was 27-30 I fought aggressive cancer. When I was 33 I had a bad case of Mono and was sick for months. When I was 44 my discs rupturing in my neck a
  2. voiding in jugs for 1 weeks straight, again.

    1. Smiles4U


      Hope it brings you some answers!

  3. Welcome Budda! Sorry you have to be here but happy you found us :)

  4. cjs

    Hi Erik, glad you found us :), sorry you have to be here :(

  5. cjs

    Congratulations Emma! I hope you have a very successful surgery. Where are you having surgery? I'm just about to be referred to surgery and I'm thinking Dr. Gengili in Toronto.

  6. Hi Daisy, welcome to the group. It's a great place but sorry u have to be here

  7. Waiting for my Dr. F app't and hoping he's going to ok me for treatment

  8. Hi Molly, Fasten your seatbelt because you are in for a bumpy ride with testing.

  9. For me it was like watching a car accident, I couldn't stop reading. The short version is after 5 failed pit surgeries this 64 year old woman was totally dismissed by the Ontario Medical Board. The Drs were given a slap on the wrist for discharging her with menningitis
  10. I have an appeal with OHIP. Ontario Health Insurance Plan and was googling stuff and stumbled across this. If anybody on this forum is a member of this woman's family or a friend I hope you aren't offended. I think this woman is a hero. She must be very proud of her daughter. And give her a big hug for me. Jill File # 08-CRV-0447 HEALTH PROFESSIONS APPEAL AND REVIEW BOARD PRESENT: Stephen Kovanchak, Designated Board Member, Presiding Christine Moss, Vice-Chair Norma Grant, Board Member The 6th day of July 2010 at Toronto, Ontario IN THE MATTER OF A COMPLAINT REVIEW UNDER SE
  11. Very cool! I'm a genealogy addict too. That's how I learned about Cushing's. A long lost relative of my dad's gave me some pictures of my Great grandparents and relatives. They were HUGE people with HUGE goiters. I started researching their medical records and found they had diabetes, hypothyroid, chron's disease and 2 deaths were ruptured bowel
  12. Thanks for arranging this ladies, I have one question Does developing kidney stones during UFC testing have any effects on test results? Thanks Dr. F.
  13. If I go into a Dr's office for the first visit and I see many Big Pharma Pill Pushin Posters on the walls the dr is never helpful. EVER, They are in it for the money.
  14. cjs

    I hope you are ok and you found a caring Doctor.

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