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I am open to anyone who needs support , to talk or whatever. Finding this site and people dealing with the same things has been such a huge relief and wonderful thing. I hope to help others, seek support and spread the word about this disease/syndrome.I was officially diagnosed with adrenal cushings in March of 2009. I had an adrenalectomy at NIH that summer where they removed an egg sized adenoma from my right adrenal gland. It has now been about a year and a half and I am still unable to wean off of my steroids. I have really struggled with quality of life issues as well as some cancer issues. My gland was also secreting excess estrogen which has caused some other complicated problems..This site has been and is a blessing to me! I am grateful for all my fellow "cushies" I have met. I try and keep a blog with information, my thoughts, and experiences. Welcome to the cushie family! My link

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