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  1. Hi Denney, I'm looking for some info on Cowden's Syndrome, would you be able to help me out? :)

  2. Morning Jennyr,

    How are today ?

  3. Thanks for putting these up Sal, I've been finding a lot of good stuff there! Jenny.
  4. I'm glad you put your pictures up..it was lovely to finally see what you look like..how cute are you with your plaits??!!!! I look forward to hearing your interview. (((hugs))) Jenny.
  5. Sounds exciting...and it could provide Jess and Justin with some good information that may prove to be very important when the time comes when they want to start families. Jenny.
  6. That poor woman. This article scared the hell outta me, how many people are walking around with these ticking time bombs in their heads...Holly included. Jenny.
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