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  1. My doctor just told me that! That none of symptoms would go away until I lost weight. Another told me if I would just follow the Atkins diet I would be ok. All my symptoms would go away... Funny I tried that for almost four months last year and I actually gained weight while my husband lost 15. I had been on Atkins four years ago and lost weight easily. DOCTORS! Congrats on losing half your weight, I assume you're feeling better...that's wonderful! I am just beginning my journey trying to get a diagnosis. I am back to my doctor (who told me to lose weight) Thursday, to show her pics and a list of symptoms. She already referred me to an endo, but they can't get me in until September...so I'm going to ask her to try and help me get in earlier. Grad school's been SUPER hard with whatever I have. I can't concentrate and it's hard with the headaches. Oh well I guess it'll get easier someday! Thanks for your input, and good luck with getting better!!! :-D
  2. Hey all! I am writing a paper for grad school on an artwork of overweight women, and I was doing some research and found these statistics: Weight Prejudice and Medical Practice Many heavy patients report distressing experiences with health care providers. (http://www.fwhc.org/health/fatfem.htm) Physicians and health care providers frequently focus solely on an individual?s body size rather than their actual health problem. Heavy patients are commonly advised to lose weight regardless of their state of health. And while a thin person is given medication or other appropriate treatments, a heavy person with the same symptoms may simply be told to lose weight. Even though the U.S. Department of Health and the World Health Organization agree that dieting and weight lose surgery can be dangerous to human health, patients healthfulness continues to be determined by their body mass index regardless of the lack of scientific evidence supporting its use. Current medical technology has only a 10% success rate in treating obesity. Sounds familiar! Thought I'd share! The research is by Bradley University and it's called The Body Project
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