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  1. lise

    Hi there ..Not sure if I wrote you .I am fairly new here and dont quite know where to go from here .. I am looking to talk to someone with cushings in my area .. I am 30 min fom ottawa .. I am sure you replied to one of my posts ..please try and contact me .. I am dying from this stupid cushings I am sure that is what I have .

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    2. lise


      Oups sorry yes we did chat last month ..I realy have no memory ..sorry about that .. Things are a bit rough here .. I am loosing hope big time . I stoped my insline a few weeks back because I just cant take living on my couch anymore ... We are now calling this illness couchings syndrome ..not bad huh .. I promissed my psychiatrist I would start my insulin again and he promissed to refere me to an endochrinologist . Now its wait and see .. Got results from blood test acth normal , waiting on 24 hr cortisol .

    3. lise


      Hi Shaw .. I am very happy to say I got 24 hour cortisol back results are elevated and I have an appointement with an endo who specialises in cushings in montreal for the 23rd .. I am so happy .. I just feel so sick these days ..this is realy my last hope .. I cant take this much longer .. I went from working 10 to 12 hours a day 7 days a week to being in a wheelchair after back surgery an doing nothing for the past 7 years .. The last year has been hell muscle weakness and very lethargic ... I hope this hole ordeal will be over soon .

    4. Shaw


      Having a high 24 hour cortisol is the best news for testing. For most people it's the hardest test to come back high but for me my other tests were normal except my urine test. I did many 24 hour cortisol tests and all were elevated so they really helped me get to surgery. The muscle weakness is the worst part, I used to tell my doctors it feels I'm trying to walk in wet clothes. The muscle weakness was the first and quickest thing that improved for me so here's hoping you can move along to treatment soon!


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