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  1. Hi Sal, I actually couldn't PM you for the forms right after you deleted some messages and still can't do it now for some reason. Do you have the contact info for the study? The study page seems to be down. Thanks, Gisella
  2. Thanks for sharing all this info, Sal. Edit: Oops, seems your inbox is full?
  3. It's weird because they mention ACTH producing adenomas but then say the study is for "serious or immediately life-threatening" tumors, which these type of adenomas usually are not -- at least in and of themselves (the excess cortisol production they stimulate is a different matter). Perhaps they mean fast-growing, invasive ACTH-secreting macroadenomas (like those in Nelson's Syndrome) that may require (or haven't responded to) radiation? Thanks for the info, I'm glad to know about this type of treatment.
  4. Thanks for pointing that out, I'll go complete it.
  5. I can't participate because I haven't had successful treatment yet, but I'm looking forward to seeing the results when they're published. Thanks for posting this.
  6. Thanks for the abstract. So could a low-carb diet could help Cushies with fatty liver even if the diet doesn't necessarily help them with weight loss? I had fatty liver and got rid of it on a no-carb diet (it was a little extreme, but it was mainly due to food allergies). I also lost tons of weight on it (90 lbs.) despite having Cushing's, somehow. I'm guessing in my case fatty liver would have gone away just thanks to all the weight loss regardless (since it was so drastic), or am I wrong?
  7. Gisella, California. Pituitary surgery #1: October 2009. Pituitary surgery #2: August 2010. (3rd surgery or BLA to come.)
  8. Azul


    I like the "Flex" and "Flock" styles best.
  9. I'm glad this is getting some attention. This is something that physicians and patients need to be aware of. Most of the less-than-competent, poorly informed doctors I've seen think they know everything, and most patients never think to question or even evaluate their doctor's competence, so nothing ever changes.
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