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  1. Thanks Suzie,saw my GP today and he's given me a copy of the letter that the hospital have sent him. I'll post it on forum. Hope you are ok?

  2. Dave - good luck on the 27th

  3. Hi, My questions on the list of questions that have been submitted. Just wonder if anybody can tell me does this mean he will answer the question? I hope so....I'm so excited. Better not get too giddy because I'm doing another two 24hr UFC's - this will be the 20th......lol!
  4. When will it all get sorted out?

  5. Oh Dave, I hope you get an answer soon. I'm having another MRI scan tomorrow and then the IPSS on Tuesday. I will get the results when I see my new Professor on 16th Feb.

  6. Dave - I just wondered if you had been for your four days of testing yet? If so, how did it go? Also, which hospital/consultant are you with? I'm in Birmingham.

  7. It's a difficult one for sure.
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