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  1. Hi Missaf and Kristin! It is a very interesting study. It is also an alternative especially for patients with Cushing's syndrome who have not had effective results from surgical or radiation treatment. We are enrolling patients who cannot undergo surgery and who would still benefit from medical therapy. Because it is a research study, patients are being monitored closely during active treatment and have access to our doctors 24/7. Thank you for your replies. Chi
  2. My name is Chi Tran. I am one of the clinical research coordinators at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore. I was referred to this website by my colleague and was amazed at how informative your site is. I was looking through the forum to see if there is any place to post research-related info. but couldn't. So I decided to introduce myself here. I'd like to inform everyone about a clinical trial that we are currently conducting at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore- The SEISMIC Study. The SEISMIC study is a 6-month open-label Phase III multi-center clinical trial of CORLUX in the treatment of the
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