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  1. I have a question about renin and Florinef (Fludrocortisone Acetate) in a Post op pit patient. After two Pituitary surgeries and 3 1/2 years in remission with no adrenal function. Wouldn't the adrenals be atrophied and not producing properly? With all hormones balanced would adding a little Florinef be beneficial ? Would it help with swelling? If so what is the proper testing and how is it properly done?
  2. What's on your mind?How do you find the Veiw New Posts?

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  3. I missed it last night , but listened this morning............It was a very nice interview
  4. I want to hear the Lisa's stories................It' easy and Mary and Ribin help you if you get Cushie mind and forget something. I'll be listening
  5. Wow Cindy... your going to be a Star...................awesome Hugs, Karen
  6. Yes I thought the same thing when I did my Pod cast. I hope it helps a future Cushie. If the diagnosis is shorter because of us and if after surgery they avoid doing what we did, it will be worth it. We dun good Hugs, Karen
  7. Hi Terry, I listened to your pod cast last night. It was a very interesting story. Amazing .. how strong the body is to recover from such a horrible infection. Another Cushings trooper. Hugs, Karen PS you did very well........see nothing to be afraid of. Robin and Mary O make you nice and comfortable while the are interviewing you.
  8. I am so sorry, I missed this Pod cast... the very first one. I was in Seattle that week.............Ughhhhhhhhhhh I feel bad. Mary O Your story was very interesting... you are good at this.. both you and Robin sound like naturals. Mary, I want you to know that you have saved my life too. If not for you and this site I would have never found the true reason for my illness. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. now I have to go listen to the others I have missed Hugs, Karen
  9. I just got up the nerve to listen to myself and .............heck it wasn't that bad heeheeeee. Thank you Mary O for all you do. Without you this web site we would be lost little souls. Hus, Karen
  10. Mary sneaky LOL..... you really dug that one up heee heeee. To be honest, I never post my photo, because ... well, i'm not happy with the way I look. Its getting better as the weight comes off, maybe I will be brave in the coming months and post a real photo in my avatar
  11. Ugggggggggggg Robin. where did you get that Photo??? OMG hey guys... I will be on the pod cast tonight, anyone that has time I would love it if you listen. If you can't catch it tonight maybe you can listen another time. Hugs, Karen
  12. I had to start this thread for Robins Pod cast tonight. For some reason, this is the second time I tried to comment on the original thread and it won't let me.....That won't stop me, so Istarted this thread so that we all can tell Robin how well she did... It was awesome ans I can't wait to hear part 2. Hugs, Karen
  13. I don't mean to start any wars or anything . by talking up my Doc..... but he is good. I have heard that he has cured a mid line tumor. They are almost impossible to cure and most surgeons just get out and recommend a BLA. He is good, Hugs, karen
  14. Robin, Thank you for posting this story.....I don't know how you find everything you do. Dr Mayberg is just as soft spoken here as I remember when I woke up from my surgery. He is a really nice man. Hugs, Karen
  15. Hi ya folks, I want to comment on Alicia's Pod Cast tonight.................It was Awesome! What a story to tell.................What an incredibly awful disease this is Hugs, Karen
  16. Judy, That was such a great show. Your voice at times tugged at my heart strings. I also thought I heard a Kitty Meowwww What a story you have to tell. Hugs, Karen
  17. hee heeee Judy your funny. Right Doctors hee hee Don't be nervous, after all your just going to be talkinf to friends. keep that in mind. I would never laugh at you. I am going to try to listen tonight. I have to figure out how first Hear you soon, Karen
  18. Sounds great to me. I will try to listen this Thursday night. Knock um dead Judy. Ummmm or is that break a leg????? HUgs, Karen
  19. You made a funny...heeheee I really think it should be you, so you could finish your story.
  20. I could do this Thursday, but didn't you say that Judy was on before and that she is going to return to finish her story? She really has a story to tell with two Children fighting the disease at the same time, and now am I wrong, but Dad has it too? That is a story. We can try skyping, this way I can see you all and you can see me too. If the Skype disconnects us at any time I can just dial you back up. I will get busy and e-mail my story to you. We can figure out when I could be on later. Hugs, Karen Thanks Holly for being interested in my story
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