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About me... Well, my name is April. I'm in Northern KY, 28 years old, married, I have a beautiful little 1 year old girl. (wow this is harder than I thought! I have permanent brain fog!) I really don't know when my symptoms started. I started to become really depressed when I was 18. That's when I started on Prozac. I took that for a few years, but it wasn't helping, just getting worse. I've had several health problems over the past few years with everything from IBS to dx with bi-polar disorder. I had a cystic tumor removed from my kidney at 22. After the blood clot came, I found out I have a clotting disorder. So, yeah (fogged up again)! After I had my daughter 6 1/2 weeks early, I found out I've got a unicornuit uterus (half a uterus). Trying to stay strong through all of this has been really hard, but I've got a wonderful family that's very supportive.


I've become pretty aware that something isn't right with me and my body. My mom sent me to her endo for a thyroid test, and he said I was textbook cushie. After some tests and an mri, we found a pit tumor. Not sure what the next step is yet. I guess I wait. Test and wait, test and wait. Well, I've lived with it this long......


I was diagnosed with cushings in early Oct. 2009. I had pituitary surgery on Jan. 15, 2010 at Md Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. They took about 1cm x .5cm x .4 cm of tumor and hyperplasia. Now the battle is trying to get my hormones right and play the waiting game again.

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