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  1. What a great site... thank you so much Mary for all your hard work....great for family members!!!!!
  2. I am 7 weeks post op.....I found out that I was full blown cushings and if my endo relied on urine test I would be dead or close. I had over a year of testing urine and had 1 high of 108......which is nothing. I hate when these doctors see normal urines and dismiss us......I had talked to my endo about an article about the receptors, she had read it too. I am trying to find it so I can post it. Hugs, Adrienne
  3. Sorry Chrysta,

    this is the first message I have received. My email is adriennesager1@aol.com If you need to talk my #is 480-682-8932

  4. I sent you a message with all my info on July 30th. Did it not go through? I will send it again. Let me know when you receive it please.

  5. dont forget to send me your info so I can talk to Dr. Knecht

  6. Words can not express my gratitude enough. I TRULY believe this site has saved my life. What you have done is incredible and I hope to be able to do something this special when I am "fixed". Thank you again, Adrienne
  7. Thank you for your help Mary but mostly , thank you for this site. It has made my illness so much easier to deal with. Hugs, Adrienne
  8. Thank you Mary for sharing this. I wish it were that simple and cut and dry like they make it sound or we all would not be going thru this hell of getting fixed!!!! Adrienne
  9. Mary, I am truly greatful for this site. It has saved my sanity and made this whole diagnosing process a little more tolerable. I just figured out how to download the toolbar which is amazing. I have not bee a member that long to have received any newsletters but would love to get them if you decide to continue with them. Thankyou for everything. Adrienne
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