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  1. Ok, you're welcome :rolleyes:

  2. Dr. F says my Growth Hormone is "really low" but it only looks a point or two below normal on the range. I guess this is good though since it sounds like I start replacement soon...?

    1. TLClay


      Do you know what your levels/range are?

  3. Nothing, I figured out that it was just the comments and not the pm's. LOL. It's confusing though. The regular pm's still have unlimited but it's hard to navigate to them.

  4. There are several things he could have meant. In layman's terms I think he's saying it's not a 'functioning tumor' but that it's pressing on parts of the pituitary causing different hormones including cortisol, vasopressin, growth hormone, thyroid, etc. Growth hormone deficiency especially can mimic Cushing's. Be thankful if she doesn't have Cushing's. That ...

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