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  1. http://www.farriervet.com/cushingsdisease.html http://www.livestrong.com/article/346030-symptoms-of-dopamine-deficiency/
  2. I don't want to miss this so when I go to the main blogtalk page I will just hear the broadcast?... or do I have to click something else or what? I want to make sure because nobody will answer while it's on I'm sure.
  3. Dr. F says my Growth Hormone is "really low" but it only looks a point or two below normal on the range. I guess this is good though since it sounds like I start replacement soon...?

    1. TLClay


      Do you know what your levels/range are?

  4. I stopped drinking diet 15 years ago after I lost the 100 lbs. I drink one regular coke in the morning for the daffene. Tha'ts it other than a LOT of gatorade out of necessity.
  5. I think it bolsters the childhood trauma theory. Our receptors are screwed up because they were taught from a young age to expect unusually high levels of stress. That fits with my childhood and teen years.
  6. Nothing, I figured out that it was just the comments and not the pm's. LOL. It's confusing though. The regular pm's still have unlimited but it's hard to navigate to them.

  7. There are several things he could have meant. In layman's terms I think he's saying it's not a 'functioning tumor' but that it's pressing on parts of the pituitary causing different hormones including cortisol, vasopressin, growth hormone, thyroid, etc. Growth hormone deficiency especially can mimic Cushing's. Be thankful if she doesn't have Cushing's. That ...

  8. You're welcome. I came across it trying to do a "deep web" search. That link I posted last night has articles galore I've never come across. Tons of them.
  9. Welcome. I can't remember who it was but somebody in the last couple of days was talking about this.
  10. http://members.tripod.com/dercums_data/greenbaum.html
  11. http://www.collegedegree.com/library/colle...99-resources-to
  12. All kinds of very current research and journal articles Here it is
  13. Yep, that's where I saw it first. They say if you take care of them right they can last for years. It's another one of those moments when you wonder how you could've gone all these years and not known about something so simple. I've agonized over not being able to afford laminates for so long. Oh well, better late than never. At least the cortisol decay won't show until I can afford to get all that fixed. It's like it happened over night.
  14. My teeth were ruined by tetracycline as a child. It stained the dentin and I haven't been able to afford laminates. Lately my teeth have started to decay at an alarming rate and the consensus is that it's the cortisol. Anyway, after ALL the dentists I've talked to not one of them ever told me there was a such thing as this. I had heard all my life about movie stars having their "teeth capped" and they always say "there is no such thing". I knew that couldn't be true. I'm sure somebody is going to act like this is old news, especially those with braces, but I had never heard of them and I
  15. Dr. F recommends the Tesla 3, right? I think it's same thing. It's "faster" so it gives better detail or something. My first one on an old timey machine showed the pit tumor very foggy but no Rathke's Cleft. That showed up in the 2nd.
  16. Your welcome. I was exposed to a lot of pesticides and chemicals as a child because of my father's work, gardening, and things he would spray in the yard to kill ticks for his dogs. Malathion, DDT, lots of things like that. He worked in petrochemical plant construction so there was abestos, benzine, take your pick. I don't know that it would ever be possible to isolate one. I think there is something to it. Children absorb so much more of these things than adults do but our parents didn't know back then that just the fumes were dangerous.
  17. http://www.newser.com/story/85607/fda-prob...toothpaste.html
  18. I think there has to be something to this. There is just no natural explanation for a huge increase in the number of females in my generation and you just can't deny the disastrous effect its had not only on women but our entire culture. This is my opinion so anyone can disagree, but I don't think there would be so much exploitation, so much divorce, depression, substance abuse, broken families, family violence, homelessness, spoverty, suicide, abused neglected children or many of the things that have led to our decline. It's just not a natural healthy thing for people, especially females,
  19. I had a statistics instructor from Turkey. He always commented on the sex ratio of males to females in America during certain years and said it was really strange because it couldn't occur naturally. He would laugh about how there were 20 women to every man here. When I saw this it made me think. You can't attribute it to the viet nam war or any of the other factors they always cite, especially when you look at the actual casualties of that war. Then you see this so called obesity epidemic. Ya gotta wonder. This http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Insulin-like_growth_factor_1 led to th
  20. Yeah, they definitely need to take a writing class. It's dry as dirt but chocked full of good info.
  21. You kind of have to dig but there's a lot there. It explains the muscle cramps and a lot of other things. http://www.mfi.ku.dk/ppaulev/chapter30/kap30.htm
  22. I couldn't resist this one.LOL. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzcfYoWHzsM...feature=related
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