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  1. Right.. so Dex supression test is meant to have no side effects?? yeh right. I cant sleep, my heart is racing, i feel nervous.. my mouth is so bloody dry my tounge is sticking to the roof of my mouth. Ive been getting annoyed at anything and everything.. seriously, even the carpet nearly got it in the neck today. Im reliably told u cant tell if your supressing or not by your symptoms- which is even more annoying since its probably all for nothing. Gah.
  2. When someone says to you- 'i might have a brain tumor', i wouldnt say you would oftern think of them getting hairy and fat.. or, that its begnin, or even that its necesserily treatable. When someone says to you 'I might have a brain tumor', your initial reaction is to think that they have a terminal illness. Am i right? Ofcourse i am. On the other hand, if someone says to you 'I might have a hormone disorder'- well then you think of problems with sex and gender, masculin looking women and femainine looking men. How we choose who to tell what.. well thats the interesting bit I am also wierdly obsessed with my wee currently. I cant say urine is somthing ive ever had much joy out of- but having to collect it for three days- well ive started to take an interest. Day one saw about 4 leters of wee (thats not an overestimate either), and then 2 leters on day two and only one today.. i wonder if i carried on if i would actually stop peeing all together by tommorow!
  3. Hello! Thanks for visiting. My name is Hannah, im 26, and from Manchester in the UK.. About me: I love marine fish and my aim is to have a reef aquarium one day! (just in my house i might add! though anyone who fanices paying to see it would be very welcome!) I play the flute and the piano. I also have an unfortunately operatic voice which attracts alot of attention- i hate it personally but others dont seem to care about that- They want to hear anyway! I am gay and have a beutiful girl friend. We have been together for over 2 years, and lived together for one of those years, before i had to go live at home because i was ill. Also, for four years of my life i lived as a man, despite being born genetically and physically female Actually, i went through the gender identity disorder treatment system in the UK, and was prescribed male hormones (the start of what is commonly understood as a sex change). In the end.. and its a long story, i never took the hormones, and now live full time as a woman. Yes, i am confusing! I am an accademic by trade. I won a scholership to do a Masters degree at York University.. which i got three quarters of the way through and then got ill. By this time i had also won a scholership to do a PhD at Kings College London which was supposed to start in October. Obviously that hasnt happened CUSHINGS: For me it all started about two years ago, although ofcourse i didnt realise that then! In fact i was happily going along with daily life untill one day.. i got neurovirus. I threw up for about a week. It was lovely- not. Then about a month later i got inflamation of the muscle between my rib cage. After this i started getting tiard. Over the next two years i got increasingly tiard. Untill five months ago my body just seems to have given up At first i had bad bowl infection and was bleeding. Then i got fluid on my lungs. I couldnt walk anymore. I was in pain from my joints and muscles. I got wierd rashes.. So, undertandably my docters at first thought i might have lupus and chronic fatigue disorder (lupus is an autoimmune disorder which can effect any/ all parts of the body, chronic fatigue disorder is tiardness which cant be explained physically) I was sent to a rheumatologist (Which takes ages on the NHS). And in the exam for lupus he looked at my tummy. He saw my stretch marks. He asked me about my weight... I had put on 6+ stone in the two years since i started getting tiard. He noticed my hirtuism (im hairy literally everywhere), id been like this ever since 17 so i hadent linked it to my new illness. He took my blood pressure, it was high (175/90). He sent me off with a mahoooosive bottle to do a 24 hour wee test. I week later i rang for the wee results. I had been refered to an endo with suspected Cushings.. After five months off work and being ill with no treatment, i finally had an idea what might be wrong with me!! Thanks for reading all this!! I will post again when i have any more news!
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