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  1. Yeah they missed a modifier. It should say something like "of those 17%" or "of those patients" so it was clear which patients the 46% referred to.
  2. I was miserable with Cushing's. I am not sorry I had a bla and do think Cushing's would've eventually killed me. I think most people on this board who end up with a bla do really well. Good doctors matter. And I suspect the cause of death for those subjects in that study is something else. Adrenal crisis can kill you, but you have notice!
  3. Thanks for sharing, Mary. I'm trying to get access to the full article, can't seem to figure it out. Maybe it isn't in PubMed yet? Anyhow, thanks for sharing all the same.
  4. Hi Vicky, Sounds like your neuro is a smart one, and hopefully your endo proves to be as well. There are medications that can raise serum cortisol levels (birth control pills, other oral estrogens are ones that immediately come to mind). You can do some research on these boards to see about medications that interfere with testing. If your tests are positive, you will need to find the source, pituitary or adrenal, and then you will be better equipped to decide what your next step is. Good luck!
  5. Patient Voices: Rare Diseases Cushing's isn't one of the rare diseases mentioned by these patients, but acro is, and I think we can all relate to the experiences these patients have had.
  6. Where's that cortisol meter when I need one? Is it the holidays, traveling, or just life that's leaving me feeling so run down? Adding a bit of extra hydro for the next few days to see if it helps.

  7. Why is my acne worse post-op? Any ideas on how to treat it?

    1. c12


      I'm not post-op, but the one thing that has worked amazingly for me is Oracea.

  8. Withholding hydro makes me feel like garbage. I hope this is a good thing.

    1. betseebee


      I FEEL your pain!

    2. April81


      Sorry you feel bad, but sounds like a good thing.

  9. Starting to wean today. Down 2.5 mg for the next week and see how it goes.

  10. Giant piece of NJ just came up with the morning phlegm! Oh, post-op life, how I love you.

  11. Finding that 3 doses of hydro instead of 2 makes for a better day.

  12. First post-op sneeze tonight - OUCH! Didn't see it coming and now my head hurts. A LOT.

    1. betseebee


      Yeah, it's kinda hard to remember to sneeze with your mouth open when they sneak up on ya so fast.

  13. Cushie friends - I am out of the hospital and home in my own bed. Looking forward to life without Earl!

  14. Stupid DI. Means gotta stay till Sunday.

  15. Signing off y'all. Got to get some sleep befoe the big day tomorrow! See you on the other side of Cushing's!

  16. Arrived in Houston for Earl's execution on Wednesday.

  17. Having a day of Cushie friends!

    1. saberlowe


      Great chattin with ya! Best of luck next week; we're all rooting for you!

  18. Same, although I drink more living with them then I did when I lived alone. However, I'm trying to make a conscious effort to drink mostly iced tea as my non-water drink of the day. My dad and stepmom drink diet religiously and always are like "it has no calories! it has no sugar!" as if that somehow makes it ok for you. I'm convinced the chemicals in it are truly awful for you, even if there is limited evidence supporting this theory. Interesting article, peaches.
  19. My dad wasn't in Vietnam, and I don't have any significant childhood trauma (just the usual - bonked head when roller skating, fractured wrist when roller skating...are we sensing a pattern yet?). Still, interesting stuff. Good contributions, all!
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