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  1. Very cool!! You have inspired me to look up my family history!!
  2. Awesome! "How long can you use Ketoconzole for? Can you use Ketocozole as the primary treatment for Cushing's disease?"
  3. Just took my first dose of keto! wish me luck!

  4. My Endocrinologist called last night, he said he believes I have Pituitary Cushing's!

    1. lizabug


      Another step closer to a diagnosis.

    2. Nillie


      Wow, that is so awesome. It must feel so good to know that your doctor is on board now. Hope things move quickly for you now!

  5. like the others, I am not surprised! I re-posted it on my FB page. thanks for sharing it!!
  6. Case Detection of Cushing Syndrome in Adults Endogenous Cushing syndrome (CS) or hypercortisolism is a rare condition with an incidence of 1 to 2.5 cases per 1 million persons per year in the United States. CS is associated with increased morbidity and death. The typical clinical features of hypercortisolism include: ?Central weight gain ?Easy bruising ?Facial plethora and rounding of the face (moon facies) ?Emotional lability ?Insomnia ?Proximal muscle weakness ?Supraclavicular fullness ?Dorsocervical fat pad ?Amenorrhea ?Hypertension ?Hyperglycemia ?Osteopenia or osteoporosis
  7. Yikes!! thanks for posting. time to check the label on my toothpaste & soap!!
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