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  1. Up since 6! Gonna be a tough last day...

  2. Cereal + sneezing = crunchy clustered nose! Bad times...

  3. Well done marathon runners!

  4. Really feel like having a McBreakfast!

  5. If only I'd left work on time I would be getting soaked right now! I guess it's preparing me for the rainy season in HK this summer...

  6. Woke up over an hour ago to take my dexamethazone dose and can't seem to get back to sleep. It's 4.15am here! Work will not be fun later...

  7. Just had 3 firemen inspect my flat to ensure it's fire safe! Shame none of them looked like Joaquim Phoenix in Ladder 39...

  8. Hello gym! Did you miss me? I sure as I can be didn't miss you!

  9. "Newport... concrete jungle we're filling orders"

  10. The Sun has managed to disappear in an hour! Stupid London weather

  11. Only when you're wearing a seriously bright coloured top do you realise how dark people usually dress!

  12. After this evening's gym session my bed feels amazing!

  13. No one can comfort you like your mum!

  14. Wow, now THAT is a lie in! Seriously weird dreams though...

  15. Just got asked by our waiter if my 21yrs old friend was my daughter!! I guess he wasn't expecting a tip

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