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  1. Thanks for posting this. My friend Kelly had 3 shots when she was 17. She strongly believes that depro could be the root of her medical issues. As of now she is undiagnosed. The fist 2 shots she had the "typical" side effects. The 3rd one she began the 100lb weight gain over a 3 month period. Over the last year me and another friend of ours has been digging up information on Cushing's and depro. She more than fits the signs and symptoms and had done the testing. The one pos test is "not high enough" according to one doc she saw. She took the shots because her friend at the time said its great and very safe. She talked it over with the doc at the clinic and her mom, and decided to try it out. Know knowing that Cushing's can be linked to depro, she is strongly against recommending this form of bc to anyone who is thinking about it. She has mentioned this link to the doctors she has seen and only one even acknowleged this side effect.
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