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  1. Haha it's ok! I just turned twenty a few weeks ago. How's it going? =)

  2. Oops. I see you're 20 now.

  3. Hi, Whytni. (What a unique spelling.) My name is Chrysta, and I am 19 too. Send me a message if you want to talk. :)

  4. Feeling very appreciative of my Cushie friends.

  5. Slept 26 or the last 29 hours.

  6. Just uploaded some pictures to my gallery.

  7. I know someone on here posting saying that their Neurosurgeon was a guest speaker on the program on Discovery Health, Help I'm Turning Into a Giant. Well, it's on right now. Since we all live in different time zones, it may not be on elsewhere. But it could mean it may repeat. Just wanted to let you all know.
  8. Hi Mar. I'm relating to how you are feeling. I feel like I am going to have to give up soon. It's very dissapointing and depressing.

    By the way, my birthday is April 16th, too!

  9. Sorry Chrysta,

    this is the first message I have received. My email is adriennesager1@aol.com If you need to talk my #is 480-682-8932

  10. I sent you a message with all my info on July 30th. Did it not go through? I will send it again. Let me know when you receive it please.

  11. Not to scare anyone, but I saw a video/article about Vitamin D being related to cancer. Not sure if everyone will be able to see it or not. http://www.myfoxphoenix.com/dpp/news/only_...r-link-3-9-2010
  12. I'm not too worried about it being fatal. Not when I'm so young. But it is still a scary thought.

    I am not diagnosed with this yet, but I am fairly certain that I have it. And it really has changed my life in a negative way. I just don't feel healthy, and that is not something that someone my age should feel, that anyone should feel.

    I am slightly confused and ov

  13. Chrysta,

    I read that to, and am terrified for my daughter. This is all so new to me, I feel like my head is spinning, I can't imagine how my daughter or someone with this disease feels.

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