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  1. This is the first I've ever heard of a vaginal location for ectopic tumors but perhaps it isn't that surprising. Glad to hear you're getting what you need finally!
  2. I'm not mad at God. I'm mad at everyone who's ever told me what to expect of God.

    1. betseebee


      Nothing gets in the way of a relationship with God more than religion.

  3. Since we're always congratulating each other on "high" test results, how come no one said they were sorry to hear about my normal ones after my operation? ;-)

    1. BabeInCaptivity


      Are you taking any oral steroids?, if so , how do they tst? and what is considered normal then?

    2. maxhirez


      No steroids needed.


  4. Is that Wolfwood? I loved him.

  5. That is a cute puppy!

  6. Here's a multi-part question on the subject of multiple endocrine neoplasias that aren't either MEN I or II:let's say that someone had the misfortune of suffering from both Cushing's Disease and Adrenal Cushing's Syndrome and an IPSS test was administered-what would the numbers theoretically look like, and how often does this situation occur? What about another combination of the two involving ectopic ACTH-secreting tumors? What is the incidence of malignant thyroid cancers in people with both pituitary and adrenal forms of Cushing's?
  7. Got cleared for all activity from the surgeon and ran 2mi tonight.

    1. saberlowe


      Nice! How far out from surgery are you? I was jogging within a week of my pituitary surgeries, tho it was probably a bit ill advised :)

    2. maxhirez


      Thanks! I was 6 weeks post-. I had hoped to be jogging on New Year's Day (The surgery was two days before Christmas Eve) but I was expressly prohibited from doing so by the surgeon.

      I am JEALOUS!

    3. JenH


      Glad you are feeling well enough to run! :)

  8. I guess this is one of those times where I'm actually more cynical about the endos than everyone else. I was thinking they wouldn't trust something that was submitted online because it could be so easily tampered with, and they're so resistant to diagnosing Cushing's that they might accuse someone of faking really high reads. I guess that's unreasonable. I mean, I can hack my iPod touch Nike+ mileage reports if I want it to look like I'm running 10 miles a day (there's no point in that) but the concept is the same. I was thinking it would be most helpful in tracking/proving cycles and knowing when to test, but it might actually be better for your endo to see the live data. It may actually save time and money in testing. The thing is, the way I understand how they work, the meter doesn't read the level of the serum glucose, but rather the level of the reaction of the glucose in the blood to the glucose oxidase on the strips. If the reagents they suggested in this assay are sensitive enough, a simple derived function would be all it took to translate the readings on the meter to serum cortisol levels. It may be that "garage level" technology is all it takes to make this work. It also may just be impossible. Forgive my bluntness, but Zhen, do you have any ideas here? (I think there are several obvious reasons why I ask!)
  9. I'd kind of bumped this idea around, wondering if a Cortisol Oxidase could be formulated to work in on the strips used in Glucometers, and finally came across this abstract. I see it's five years old-does anyone have any idea whatever happened with this? A home test probably wouldn't be convincing to a Doctor for a diagnosis, but it could be useful in mapping cycles, charting them to symptoms for research purposes and knowing when to request a suppression test, as well as ruling out patient suspicions. Claire Cambell,U of M research to use Liifeascan Glucometer to measure serum cortisol.
  10. Seriously, nice work on "Loser."

  11. I would like one day where I don't have a reminder that my body is trying to kill me.

  12. Why do I only get the flu in the years that I get vaccinated against it?

  13. Have I told you lately how awesome you are?

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