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  1. Glad you are doing o.k.--you could post updates under the "Miscellaneous/Multiple Tests" subheading on the left side of the screen and then hit "Add New Topic." Good luck with your tests!

  2. oh and thank you for the response to my status. Everyone on here is genuinely nice. It's such a neat thing

  3. heya, I'm doing good, have my dexamene suppression test tomorrow and followup with doctor on all tests on Monday. eek! Where do I post updates?

  4. It has been too long since I've been here!

    1. betseebee


      How have you been? Have you posted an update?

    2. miss33


      how was endo? hope it went well for you xo

  5. I moved several weeks ago and now I finally have internet again!

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