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  1. Dr's nurse told me today that they did not encourage people to self diagnos using internet. *sigh*

    1. ltw


      just ignore that comment from the nurse. I think most people with cushings would never get proper treatment if they weren't their own best advocate - and that includes the internet. I always think I will tell them I've studied this disease at length over many years and sleepless nights...how much have you?

    2. JenH


      I've found that if I say, "I was talking to my mom (or friend) about all of this and she said that it sounded a lot like a friend (cousin, neighbor, whatever) that she had who was diagnosed with Cushing's."

      - that it goes over with medical professionals a lot better.

  2. still trying to find a Dr.

  3. I was told by Dr. Magsino's nurse today that they like to discourage people from using the internet to diagnose themselves because it causes anxiety. *sigh*

  4. I am curious about how stress affects everyone's cushing's test results. My Dr. said stress should have no effect on the result.

  5. I am finding it impossible for people who have never had cushings or been sick at, to understand what is going on with me.

    1. CushieSteph


      I feel your pain! Hang in there

  6. I lost the post - I am looking for a really good cushings dr in northern IN. Someone kindly gave me a sggestion but now I cant find it

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