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  1. acth 9am and 4pm in normal range. Cortisol am and pm both LOW what does it mean?

    1. miss33


      acth stim test back in 3 days

  2. Get well soon lots of love and healing hugs xo

  3. :'(

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    2. miss33


      oh yes sure was. he gave me contraceptive pill... told me i was pregnant or had pcos but didnt test me at all.

    3. kellyrae110


      ahh, that's a bummer. Mine didn't go well either. He spent less than 2 minutes with me and didn't go over any lab stuff. Grr. So I got a copy of the lab work but unfortunately I'm not very good with lab tests yet!

    4. miss33


      omg sounds exactly like mine!!! what is with them???? mine didnt want to know family history or labs or anyhitng keep fighting hun!!

  4. two days til endo!!! longest month of my life!

    1. kellyrae110


      oh man, I'm jealous, I still have 16 more days!!

    2. miss33


      dont get your hopes up mine was such a disappointment

  5. i hope you feel better soon my new friend :D sending hugs from Australia xoxo

  6. so mum finally decides to tell me she has hashimotos! omfg

  7. cant access my facebook :'( just when i got u all on there :'(

    1. miss33


      ok ive emailed them hopefully the fix it asap :( i need my notes 4 endo on thurs

  8. im miz Firty-free on facebook add me :D

  9. I havent slept ll night due to anxiety, I am waiting to see my endo for my first appntmnt in a week i had nearly 3 week wait which is almost killing me some days. But because im up early i found your post and your tips for wat to prepare and im almost glad i have another week cos im off to prepare all the stuff you said to, im going to court baby!!!

    thankyou thankyou thankyou xo

  10. zoe

    Hi Miss33 -- thanks for friending me!

  11. miss33

    Thankyou for replying and for your advice i really needed it today thankyou :) u made a difference to my day which is huge right now and i appreciate it ALOT *hugs*

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