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  1. welcome! as Melly said, a Cushing's diagnosis takes many many labs, unfortuntately there is not a single test that can diagnose or rule it out. It is common for Cushies to have low ferritin and Vitamin D, were either of those checked. My endo considers low ferritin to be under 60, which is more conservative than most lab normal ranges. Alot of Cushies do have high glucose as well. buffalo humps is common with Cushings and PCOS, have you had your testesterone checked?
  2. one more if I haven't worn-out my welcome -- I read an article that massage can lower cortisol, it was on the benefits of massage and one of those benefits was lowering cortisol. Is that a concern for someone who is testing? If so, how long would the effects of the massage last?
  3. one more -- what is the good Doctor's thoughts on pseudo-Cushings? it is a valid diagnosis in today's medicine?
  4. I have a question from the standpoint of undiagnosed and testing and/or awaiting appointments, as we know this phase can last quite a long time. Prior to my health decline I was an avid exerciser, for 15 years. I don't exercise because I love it, I do it to maintain a healthy weight and for the physical benefits that go along with doing so (energy, feeling strong, flexibility, mental health, etc) I find myself confused now. When I do exercise, my heart rate shoots up to my upper limit target heart range to even my max heart rate in no time at all. I have no stamina, my muscles are so weak it's difficult to sustain any length of time beyond 20-30 mins. For the remainder of the day I find I am not productive at all due to even more increased fatigue. Often I am sore for couple days, though I am exercising at a very low intensity comparitively. Realistically, it doesn't make sense to exert the energy, only to be set back for the remainder of the day. If I have anything I need to accomplish that day, I do not exercise for fear that I won't be able to make it through what I have to get done. Beyond that, I see no physcial results, i do not lose weight, my once toned muscles are now hidden under a layer of fat, and i have lost a substanstial amount of my flexibility. Clearly this situation is not motivating to workout, but it goes against all i have worked for in making a healthy lifestyle. At this point, are there benefits to exercising that outweigh the negative impact it has on quality of my day and productivity? It is enough to remain as mobile and active during the day as possible...after all carrying a load of laundry up the stairs puts me into my target heart rate zone for a few minutes again, as many of already said..Thank you Dr F. for your efforts in educating both patients and endo's in Cushing's and for your time you give to people like me who desperately seek a diagnosis beyond 'diet and exercise', and for believing us when we tell you there is more than that going on!
  5. starting another round of testing in hopes that I have figured out 'high' days. praying that if this is the correct diagnostic path for me, the results will support and motivate me to keep on

  6. home from a short trip with husband....home to find an email from my GP that he's ordered labs for me! 24 UFC with 17's, 8 a.m., 4 p.m. and midnight blood draws repeated up to three times! this is scary too....and anxiety to choose the right days

    1. April81


      Sounds like you've got a good GP. Good luck!

    2. Tofu


      That's great news!!!! I hope you catch some nice clear highs!

    3. monarchmomx2


      thanks....going to do a midnight serum tonight, i'm still nervous

  7. finalizing email to send to endo requesting more tests, i just keep praying God will keep directing me to a diagnosis, whatever it may be

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    2. Tofu


      God WILL lead you. Just keep praying and testing. Good luck - please keep us posted!

    3. DebraC
    4. betseebee


      You're in my prayers!

  8. today i am thinking that i feel much better when i don't overload on sugar....bummer

  9. today i'm feeling frustrated and impatient with the diagnosis process. I know that I have truly been fortunate to have seen an endo who recognized and knew how to test for Cushings. My initial 24 hr dexa-supp test resulted in 3.8. Tomorrow morning i will go have a 48 hr dex-supp draw, earlier this week i returned 2 salivary tests, which she said could take up to 3 weeks for results. meanwhile I surf this board and the internet feeding a growing obsession to validate her theory.

    1. monarchmomx2


      24 hr test -- normal result <1.8

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