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  1. starting another round of testing in hopes that I have figured out 'high' days. praying that if this is the correct diagnostic path for me, the results will support and motivate me to keep on

  2. home from a short trip with husband....home to find an email from my GP that he's ordered labs for me! 24 UFC with 17's, 8 a.m., 4 p.m. and midnight blood draws repeated up to three times! this is scary too....and anxiety to choose the right days

    1. April81


      Sounds like you've got a good GP. Good luck!

    2. Tofu


      That's great news!!!! I hope you catch some nice clear highs!

    3. monarchmomx2


      thanks....going to do a midnight serum tonight, i'm still nervous

  3. finalizing email to send to endo requesting more tests, i just keep praying God will keep directing me to a diagnosis, whatever it may be

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    2. Tofu


      God WILL lead you. Just keep praying and testing. Good luck - please keep us posted!

    3. DebraC
    4. betseebee


      You're in my prayers!

  4. today i am thinking that i feel much better when i don't overload on sugar....bummer

  5. today i'm feeling frustrated and impatient with the diagnosis process. I know that I have truly been fortunate to have seen an endo who recognized and knew how to test for Cushings. My initial 24 hr dexa-supp test resulted in 3.8. Tomorrow morning i will go have a 48 hr dex-supp draw, earlier this week i returned 2 salivary tests, which she said could take up to 3 weeks for results. meanwhile I surf this board and the internet feeding a growing obsession to validate her theory.

    1. monarchmomx2


      24 hr test -- normal result <1.8

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