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    very blessed to have a loving supportive family of my husband and two daughers, age 16 and 20. I love scrapbooking/card making and am a bit of a "Disney freak", I volunteer at a local pantry serving on the Task Force, active member of Church and Emmaus

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  1. home from a short trip with husband....home to find an email from my GP that he's ordered labs for me! 24 UFC with 17's, 8 a.m., 4 p.m. and midnight blood draws repeated up to three times! this is scary too....and anxiety to choose the right days

    1. April81


      Sounds like you've got a good GP. Good luck!

    2. Tofu


      That's great news!!!! I hope you catch some nice clear highs!

    3. monarchmomx2


      thanks....going to do a midnight serum tonight, i'm still nervous

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