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  1. I concur. I relied on the information here when I was first diagnosed. I must admit once I was cured I did not visit and therefore did not offer support when maybe I should have. But now my Cushings is back I've returned to this board. It would be a sad loss but I do understand where you're coming from Mary x
  2. Hiya and thank you so much for your birthday wishes. I feel lots better this year.

  3. Hi - when was your pit tumor removed? What symptoms are you still suffering from?

  4. Dave - good luck on the 27th

  5. Good luck! Thinking of you x

  6. Oh Dave, I hope you get an answer soon. I'm having another MRI scan tomorrow and then the IPSS on Tuesday. I will get the results when I see my new Professor on 16th Feb.

  7. Dave - I just wondered if you had been for your four days of testing yet? If so, how did it go? Also, which hospital/consultant are you with? I'm in Birmingham.

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