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  1. So we still don't know if mine is being caused by hypothyroidism or an ectopic carcinoid tumor. We have to wait and see...

  2. Heard from IA City - here's the complete update: pancreatic insufficiency (heading towards diabetes), tumor markers are elevated (shots should help), and thyroiditis (causing weight gain, fatigue, puffy eyes/face - don't know what's causing it, meds if it gets worse). Summary: active tumors, pancreas, & thyroid problems.

  3. 17 vials of blood taken, 2 weeks to get the lab results back

  4. 2 cortisol blood draws normal. Still waiting on 24 hr urine collection. Have drs puzzled...

  5. Goal: to feel well enough to volunteer 2 to 4 hrs a week.

  6. When did my collar bones disappear??? :)

  7. First appt with endocrinologist at Mayo tomorrow. Hoping to get confirmation and figure out what's going on so I can take this bull by the horns!

  8. Check out the pics I posted in the gallery.

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    2. JenH


      I see anendocrinologist at Mayo this Friday and then tests next week. I've already been gong to Mayo because I have Carcinoid Cancer (neuroendocrine cancer). So I need to see an endocrinologist anyway.

    3. cjs


      Good luck tomorrow!

    4. JenH
  9. Symptoms: 2006 to prsent = 50 lbs abdominal weight gain, thin arms/legs, buffalo hump, facial swelling, eye bulging, nausea, flushing, diarrhea, insomnia, fatigue, muscle weakness, abdominal pain, menstral cycle stopped, vertigo, mood swings, problem focusing/thinking, acne, etc. I also have carcinoid cancer which overproduce hormones.

    In the process of having it checked out. Pics ...

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