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  1. JenS

    So, he just wants me to blast my body with HC, weight etc. be damned - and forget everything else. I am less than happy.

  2. JenS

    I saw Dr Snyder today. He told me I never had Cushings ever and that my pathology was normal (he considers cortitroph hyperplasia even if it is ACTH secreting not to be a source of Cushing's) so in his mind, my BLA was medically unnecessary. That being said, I now only need to boost my cortisol up and I would feel better. This completely ignores my ACTH that has been rising anyway, and is a...

  3. JenS

    Hello Hope/Maggie Mae!

  4. Recently discovered that a relative thought to have died of thyroid cancer died of an adrenal tumor. Makes you think, huh?

    1. zoe


      curious--was the tumor cancerous or cause some type of complication?

    2. JenS


      It killed her at a young age - but the family has no real idea. But they think she was really sick, and I am not sick at all.

  5. Good luck on your surgery!

  6. Hey Adina - start posting so people can get to know you and get the support that you need!

  7. JenS

    Hi Anne! You are one complicated case! Keep on trucking.

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