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  1. Cushings syndrome has changed my life in many ways. I used to think I was trapped inside a suit that I couldn't get out of when I was gaining weight so quickly. When I found out that I had Cushings Disease, I was kind of relieved in a sense that this is another step up my hill, the hill being Cushings, and when I got to the top, all I had to do was slide down. It took a long time to get up that hill! Blood work, MRI's talking to what seemed like a MILLION surgeons that just scared me instead of comforting me! But I finally got there. I had surgery in the summer, and was I miserable! I thought it would be easy! But when I woke up in the middle of the night in my hospital bed to see my mother curled up in a very uncomforatable rocking chair watching me sleep, I knew my family was there for me. Eight months later, I feel a lot better. I am loosing weight, I have a lot more energy, and I feel like Cushings can't control me anymore. I also learned how to listen to my body. I can tell when something doesnt feel right with my body, and when I have to take more medication. On a side note, I am meeting a teenager today that is being tested for Cushings. Hopefully I can be a positive support to her. Cushies Rock! Emma12
  2. Hi Everyone! Me again, just wanted to blog, say hi, and tell everyone that is a "Cushie"(lol!) that you can do anything! I had such an awesome weekend. I went to Fairbanks provincial park to go camping. SO much fun! Went swimming, layed in the hot sun on my beach towel, went tubing on the boat and had some awesome campfires! I know that a "Cushies" life is a painful one, but that doesn't mean we can't all have fun, right? If you are upset about yourself, or your life; please don't be!!! You can enjoy yourself, and do anthing you want if you are motivated! I hope the best for all of you and hope a little for me to. Pituitary surgery is on August 19th guys!! Wish me luck!! Emma12
  3. Emma12


    Hi everyone, some of you already know me,(Emma12!)I just wanted to start a blog, I mean, wouldn't it be great if I could help people by telling them MY story? Sounds awesome to me!! I love writing(or typing I guess!(LOL) When I got diagnosed with cushings, they told me that I have had it for over a year and a half now. Now, I am one of the biggest drama queens in Canada, and I think my mom,would defiantly agree on that,(you can find her on this website, karenY) so you could imagine how hard it was not to flip out at this!! I am going to have surgery August 19th, and most of my family members are so shock about how exited I am. Almost every day now, walking down the stairs, or talking with my mom or dad, I just blurt out: "One more month until surgery!!" I am so anxious!! I love to cook, I love art, I play ringette and I play an awesome defense in hockey. I hope to play ringette this year again for my 5th year running so I hope to be feeling better by then. I promise to keep posting on my blog to keep everyone updated, remember guys, CUSHIES ROCK!! and don't you forget it!!! Emma12
  4. cjs

    Congratulations Emma! I hope you have a very successful surgery. Where are you having surgery? I'm just about to be referred to surgery and I'm thinking Dr. Gengili in Toronto.

  5. You spelled MUST wrong!! LOL, it is pretty difficult isn't it mom:P I'm glad that you're right there beside me through it all though, love you :P

  6. Hey, Em. Wanted to let you & everyone else know how very strong and brave you are. Hang in there, we're at the top of the hill. One month to go till surgery- you're my hero. :)

  7. Hey! How's it goin' ? just stopped by to say hi, so, "HI!" LOL, TTYL :P

  8. Hi! You might have already read my profile. I'm in middle school and have cushing's, I know how hard it is too. You might want to check out symptoms for PCOS. Unless you just recently had a child, but the symptoms for that are almost the exact same to cushing's symptoms. Hope I helped a little! Em :)

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