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  1. Excellent advice thank you! I have my first appointment on August 16th to try to get a referral to an endo.......wish me luck!! :)

  2. A good thing with my doctors was to write everything down from your questions to your symptoms..bring them literature on the disease which you can find on this site...I know my mind was so foggy and a mess in the middle of Cushings so it was hard to remember anything! If you need advice or support post away! These people are wonderful!!

  3. Nice to meet you and can't wait to learn more about you!!

  4. thanks Juneau. I would be interested in knowing of a good endocrenologist in Canada if you know of some......

  5. Welcome from a fellow Canadian. I hope you find the answers you are looking for here. There are many very knowledgeable people on these boards who are happy to share their wisdom.

  6. Hey thank you very much! I wish I didnt have to be here, but it does make me feel better knowing that I am not going completely nuts with all of my symptoms. and it makes me feel better knowing that there are people like you out there to talk to. Have a wonderful day.

  7. Hi Daisy, welcome to the group. It's a great place but sorry u have to be here

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