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  1. Should I get a second opinion on my brain mri results ? The Surgeon who said he didnt see anything also was the same person who said the images werent clear and didnt ask me to retake them. He is well known and has done dozens of pituitary surguries. Should i still get that second opinion??

    1. saberlowe


      Yes, definitely get a second opinion! Dr. McCutcheon is great and will look at it free of charge.

    2. Sofia


      thank you for your advice! I will make an appointment to get the second opinion on my brain mri. The surgeon also said that the images were blurry making me think "well why dont i just retake them if you cant see it clearly!" Yet the surgeon is well known in nyc, and has done thousands of pituitary surgeries so I dont know what to believe anymore. But i will get a second opinion.

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