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  1. i am honestly not really understanding this disease or syndrome basically because i dont see how these tests to catch soo many "high" test results just to get cleared to have something wrong with you when clearly we are showing symptoms. Of all the diseases and syndromes and cancers and infections that people get...this one has only a couple of tests to tell you when you can "finally get treatment"???? Someone please explain this madness!

    1. refundle



      My daughter Allison had an MRI done in Nov. and is was "normal". She has had symptoms, much like yours, for 16 months. It has been hell for her trying to go to school. The weight gain, acne and stretch marks are awful when you are a teenager in high school. Anyway, I finally had enough with the normal tests (she also never had a high) and the doctors telling her she just needs to lose weight, and we went to LA last week to see Dr. F.. He saw an area of "concern...

    2. Sofia


      Im sorry about your daughter I can't even imagine being in high school right now with this I am embaressed to go to the store lately. I was reading about dr f but im all the way in new york...between flight cost and hotel I don't kno if I can even do that right now even tho I would love to see him cause he seems like he is the only one who knows what he's doing. Where did he see the area of concern for your daughter? Mri or the other tests? Good luck to you and your daughter..this...

    3. refundle


      sorry message cut off...on the old MRI that was "normal" we were told that anyway and the MRI from Cedars-Sinai showed 2mm adenoma on the L pit. I am awaiting word when and where her surgery will be. Hopefully, soon enough to regain some normalcy for her senior year..It was pricey to go to LA and I have a multiply handicapped son that I had to leave home with my husband but we had enough. Hopefully you too can find some answers soon. Christina

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