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Just an ordinary person trying to SAVE my own life. I fought till I was blue in the face, I advocated for myself and taught doctors to do the same for me, or I wasn't leaving their office till they helped me. I cried, I laughted, I thought about my Last Rights, and I found my neurosurgeon to help me, to operate on me, and to take the chance that I knew was the riskiest agreed upon life theatening surgerical procedure. I am ALIVE, WELL, BACK TO HEALTH, and I am so thankful for this forum, for showing me the answers I needed, for helping me find Dr. F. and supporting me in everyway possible. I am an ordinary women, trying to live my llife without being in dire pain, without having to talk people into believing me, but to live my life in pure postivity. :ohyeah:


Contact me if you need help, advice, or would like to hear my story. I am all ears :) :thumb:

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