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  1. Source: totally confused...please help!
  2. Source: totally confused...please help!
  3. Just a question, has any cushings suffers had cysts on the liver and kidneys ?

    hope you are well , havent spoken in a while x

  4. Oh sweetie, you got me all teary, thanks for the note, you are more than welcome, dont worry i will probaby unload on you one day lol please keep in touch, ill be in the chat room tonight, and i will be on tomorrow around 10 am here

  5. Vicki, I can't thank you enough for your kindness to me. This world is so full of anger and discontent so when we stumble across people who really have humanity within them,it can be overwhelming. Thank you for everything.

  6. hi Tiffany, could i ask are your tests higher when your feeling ok or when you have the syptoms ?

  7. hi sweet one, dont forget to writ your story here, its good for the sole and helps people understand what you are going through and where your at x

  8. Hi Vicki! welcome. Feel free to message me! Glad you are on the boards, hope u are finding the answers you need! ;)

  9. Thank you susan, every day i check in and it gives me the energy to fight! with out you and this heaven sent site i would still be on the GP tread mill, as far as encho heres there is only two in the state.....

    cheers and hope to talk soon Vicki xx

  10. Hib tiffany20‚Äč191,

    Im a newbee, how do i start a instant message with you ? , love to chat.as i dont wont to worry you on e-mail. thanks

  11. ive been driving for over 30 years !!! Have never left the hand brake of LOL

  12. One thing about being sick, even thought i feel so ill i havent lost a seance of humor,

    funny story yesterday, went to pick a friend up yesterday, got out of the car locked it ,must have had one of my brain farts , went in side, i looked up and there goes my car down the drive way LOL, i ran and saved it but hit my arm Huge bruise today !!!! saved it thought, Ive been drivi...

  13. Bad day, iches that wont go away and face burning !!! feel really low, started a diary.

    good news got into a ench yesterday for the 17 nov, Please Lord help her , I really wish Dr would try to prove instead of trying to prove you DONT have it ! I WANT DR HOUSE LOL

  14. Morning Jennyr,

    How are today ?

  15. Morning charley, any news sweetie ?

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