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  1. Glaucoma is the only part I can comment on. Damage caused by glaucoma is not reversible but you can stop the glaucoma from creating any more damage. Keep using the eye drops or whatever treatment your doctor has prescribed. The only way I can imagine that Cushing's would cause glaucoma would be if it also caused you to have very high blood pressure, in which case if the Cushing's were cured and the hypertension reversed I could see how the glaucoma would go away, but I'm not an expert so I'd suggest following up frequently with your doctor to best decide how to handle your glaucoma.
  2. kikicee, your doctor is a moron. I don't think there's any other accurate word to describe him. ...oh, and the obesity specialist is just naive. The last time I talked to a doctor she wanted to put me on a fat blocker. I even told her I was eating 1000-calorie low fat diet. I guess she thought that was too much. The time before that I was told that people tend to eat about twenty percent more than they think they so and so I counted EVERY single calorie. I know the caloric content of stuff that no one should know, like the two calories in Diet Coke and the three in a packet of Splenda. I weighed my food by the gram, which in the states is unheard of. We usually weigh in ounces but since grams are more accurate I did that. Lots of doctors are seriously morons. It's like if you don't have a diagnosis they've seen a million times you're obviously a faker or some other nonsense. I really hope you can see a different doctor who is reasonable and will find a diagnosis that fits your symptoms and then help you work towards a cure.
  3. I eat 1000 calories a day and still manage to gain about 1 pound a month. When I was desperate and ate only 500 calories a day I gained 4 pounds in a month. I'd love to hear your doctor's explanation about how that's possible. ...frankly, you need to move on to a new doctor. I once had a doctor tell me that gaining weight was normal because I was exercising and it was muscle that I was gaining. She also said that I could be dieting for a year or more before losing a single pound. She just didn't know what to do with me. She didn't know what the problem was and so she made up lies. Don't waste your time with a doctor like that. Scholarly articles or not you're unlikely to get anywhere with one of them.
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