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  1. Mary,

    i am trying to do the bio.

    how do i amend it or update it...i am diagnosed and i did get tests back that it says i didn't.

    i'm having trouble doing this and also posting any pics.

    I want to get this all organized and i also don't see my drs name that i put in the bio.



    1. MaryO


      I have your doctor's info for the Helpful Doctor's list but haven't had a chance to format it yet for the list.  Sorry :(

      You can amend or update your bio by using the same form - https://cushingsbios.com/2018/10/28/we-have-a-new-bio-form/ - and checking the box  "Is this an update to a past bio?"

      When you check yes, a box will pop up to enter the URL of your bio.  In your case, you'd enter https://cushingsbios.com/2019/05/19/lili-undiagnosed-bio/

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