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  1. @RealDonad_Trump He would destroy you. You have no soul.

  2. @RealDonad_Trump YOU ARE GUILTY. IT'S COMING.

  3. @pizzatanktopbro It's hysterical. He's red because he's trying so hard to flex his non existent muscles.

  4. @RealDonad_Trump @FoxNews You're lying.

  5. @Americanoid @JackiSchechner And you are suffering from total denial syndrome. Just wait!

  6. @AdamWeinstein @JoyAnnReid Hypocritical coward!

  7. RT @LOLGOP: I've been watching Fox News for 1 hour and I'm convinced that President Hillary Clinton is about to be impeached for giving me…

  8. @EllenYarnall @swancoole @blakehounshell @conor64 I say 17, too. Is there a prize for the people that guess right?… https://t.co/ov1wh6vU3Z

  9. @pizzatanktopbro Fantastico!

  10. @jaketapper Look who I've got on the hook? https://t.co/HjNcDwSLfT

  11. RT @SenSanders: People do not deserve to die because they cannot afford health care. I cannot make it any clearer than that. Health care is…

  12. VP @mike_pence we implore you to do the right thing for your country. Ammendment 25, Sect. 4 #impeachTrumpnow

  13. I hope the treatments for your depression over Romney's loss will be covered under Obamacare. http://t.co/qVs2V8hN via @someecards

  14. Rush has finally lost his damn mind

  15. Stop with the bikini pics. It's nice to love yourself, but this is ridiculous. @KimKardashian

    1. MaryO


      Gee, I'm glad I didn't see those! LOL

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