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    Just an update. Since I last posted a LOT has happened. I have had my throat surgery, and my foot surgery. We moved to Canada in 2007 of March. I still have some pain in my lower abdomen and don't have any bleeding at the time. I am scheduled for a endromitrial (spelling) ablation on Jan 30th. My neck is still sore, but I manage it. I don't have any more of the wired symptoms to speak of, once a a blue moon I feel it. It has been a long journey to get this far. It has been 4 years and 2 1/2 months since my adrenalectomy but things are a WHOLE lot better. My weight is still an issue, but I am now working on that daily. Starting working out again on Jan 5th of this year. Seeing if I can drop a few lbs. I hope this ablation will help get rid of some of my menstrual problems. I did quit smoking twice in 2008 in the spring ... each time for about 3-4 weeks, then started up again. I must tackle that once more and put this filthy habit behind me, but ONE thing at a time eh? I just wanted to come by and visit to check out the boards and while surfing I found my old blog. I hope all of you are managing and getting the help you need. Remember to be your own advocate when it comes to your health. Do what you think is right and not what the doctors are telling you. If you get a doctor that is unfamiliar or uncooperative with cushings, move on and find one that will help you! You deserve the best. BEST to you all in 2009. Canasa
  2. I am learning too. I see that you can now choose to not have replies. I might have to do that on my daily or weekly ramblings too. Nothing like testing and testing and testing for us cushie's eh? WE all end up being pin cushions. Nice to see you participating! Happy blogging... Hugs, Canasa
  3. Definately interested in the magnetic ribbons for your car, I would personally order about 10 of those as well I would order about 10 of the wrist bands. Thanks Mary, let us know if you get them. Hugs, Canasa
  4. Yeah I found it interesting... but I think that in order for it to TREAT cushings, whether it be adrenal, pituitary or ectopic in source, it would have to shrink the tumor causing the high cortisol levles. Just in my humble opinion. It hopefully will be good news for those that have high cortisol readings but NO tumor, or something that can help cyclic patients until the tumor can be found??? Hugs, Canasa
  5. Came across this today.... http://www.diobex.com/news.html And more about it here... http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories....+2005,+09:04+AM Hugs, Canasa
  6. Yep, and thanks for your reply Shauna. I figured that. I am also counting on the average of about 18 months to feeling somewhat normal. I don't know if we actually start to feel better or do we learn to live with feeling this way? I know I toughed out my pain in my neck from my ruptures and just deal with it. Maybe that is what happens with this other stuff. We just get USE to it? Go on with life? I hope that it is THAT this stuff does go away, and I hope that it is true that the tougher the recovery the BETTER the cure! Thanks again for the reply! You have helped me over hurdles before and once again I just have to reason it all out and say, "baby steps" and I will get there! Hugs, Canasa
  7. Well I certainly hope it helps. I can't even remember why I was on CNN's page today? Good stuff and I hope it gets him closer to feeling better. But what would one do if you are getting adrenal insuffcient? Like what do you do to fix the pit axis problem? I mean if you don't have a tumor, and it is just malfunctioning, what happens then if you are having problems with using the steroids? Something like licorice root or a herb to help get your adrenals going? I am so confuzed about all this. I know I suffer with adrenal insuffciency, there is NO doubt, I get so tired and achey but not enough to take a replacement steroid, and I have wondered for awhile now what I could do to get the pit, (if that is the problem) to start working again. Oh sigh sigh sigh. Hugs, Canasa
  8. Hey Erin, I think that is a great idea, I wear the breast cancer one most days. Hugs, Canasa
  9. Talking about taking 25-Prescription topical corticosteroids... To read more click HERE Canasa
  10. No, I read how they have done some testing on it for acth producing tumors. Type in a search page, Rosiglitazone acth <--- just those two words and see what you read... Interesting. But you would understand many of those med pages better then I. Not for me, for others here. I am adrenal, my acth was low most of the time. Sugars are fine too.. Anyhow, let me know what you read and I know you can make sense of it all.. Hugs, Char
  11. Am I in a closet or has anyone else heard of this drug? Is it new? Anyone know anything about it? Hugs, Canasa
  12. WHOO HOOO! What great work Jayne. AND way to go you guys above.. Yippeee... Good stuff! Hugs, Canasa
  13. Yeah I can relate to that pain. I have had problems related to arthritic pain in my ankles since I was going into grade 9 in Canada. You had to have a complete medical and that is when it was noticed by my phisician up there. I KNOW my mother suffered terribly with arthritis most of her life, as do I in my hands, knees, back/neck and hips. Somedays it is pretty bad. I had been using ibuprofen for a long time for my neck/back problems and found that my other aches went away. It was wonderful. I hope they find something soon that is going to be OK for us to use. And when it comes to tylenol for a headache, you may as well not take it, well for a bad headache it doesn't even touch the pain. I quite agree... Hugs, Canasa
  14. Good article Mary... I was told to stay away completely from ibuprofen, aleive, etc etc, any of those "asprin" kind of drugs because of kidneys, (of which mine are fine) but the long term effects can be hard on your system.. I asked about taking alieve for the headaches I had post op and was told NOPE, to take tylenol to manage them. So I am being good and taking my tylenol when needed.. LOL Hugs, Canasa
  15. Yes, it is bad for you... AND for those of you suffering with edema, it puts more stress on your kidney's to take over the counter meds like ibuprofen, etc. Most good kidney doctors will ask you to stay away from any over the counter anti-inflamitory drugs too. I know in my experience that they would swell up. Also like bullterrier mentioned they are very hard on your stomach and sometimes you DON'T feel it, only when it is too late and you end up with an ulcer... If you MUST take something, try regular aspirin, BUT you must have something ON YOUR stomach. I know there are various "candy coated" types and also some that you can get from your doctor. AGAIN TAKE food with them. AND like all things moderation, moderation, moderation. NSAIDS - (Non steroid anti-inflamitory drugs) tend to be very hard on your kidneys whether they are in perscription form or over the counter, it is all the same. Hugs, Canasa
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