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  1. Interesting that they say Cushings is not curable. That's not what my doctor told me! LM
  2. I had a period with and without birth control while having cushings. I also had two wonderful sons. I believe mine was cyclical initially. The symptoms were always worse when I was in the placebo days when I was on birth control. :-) Marian
  3. I had my adrenal surgery at NIH. Feel free to email me if you want to chat. Marian_dave@yahoo.com.
  4. I have Kaiser in VA. After 2 high 24 hour cortisol tests, my endocrinologist referred me to NIH. I am not sure that Kaiser has the expertise in house to effectively diagnose and treat Cushings. That said, my Kaiser accupuncturist is the one who tested my DHEA, which was nonexistent and referred me to the endocrinologist. Maybe he could contact my endocrinologist at Kaiser and see what he says - Dr T Lee in Falls Church, VA. NIH treatment is free except for the transportation.
  5. There is a video on YouTube which shows what Cushings looks like for a young, fit man... I don't think I can post the link here but if you search "bear silber youtube cushings" you should be able to find it.
  6. I had shortness of breath too. Basically, it felt like an anxiety attack...
  7. I had similar symptoms and was diagnosed with pseudo Cushings initially through an acupunturist. Basically, it has the same symptoms but to a lesser extent than Cushings from a tumor. Excess stress and cortisone use can cause this. Eventually, I was diagnosed with cyclical Cushings from an adrenal adenoma. I am having my adrenal gland removed at NIH in the next few days. I recommend going to one of the Custings endocrinologists for more testing to find out for sure. Dr Nieman at NIH is one of the top researchers here in the DC area.
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