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  1. This would be amazing---urines are so cumbersome...and its not easy going to the hospital at mn for a blood draw.
  2. Thank you for all the money you have given out of your own pocket to help others searching for information about Cushing's Disease! I understand your current dilemma and financially I'm sure it's a lot! Having said that though I hope there is a way to save this site...that the information here won't be lost forever! That another group or organization could help defray the costs? Facebook is great with instantaneous responses but the search feature on here and the way it's organized is invaluable. These boards are a part of all of us :0)
  3. I have several symptoms of Cushings: weight gain around middle, puffy face, extreme fatigue/no energy, feel weak going upstairs, buffalo hump, insomnia, numbness in feet, headache... Do not have: Striae, skin that bruises easily, slow healing cuts, acne, more body hair, absent menstrual periods Other Symptoms: Lymph glands in neck burning/throbbing from time to time, still reoccurring knee pain (Lymes?) Recently diagnosed/treated for Lymes disease Creatinine 1833 (Range 700-1800) Positive Thyroid Antibody test (not extremely high though 76 (Range 0-34) TSH 2.5 in April now 1.650 (Range 0.340-4.820) Free T4 0.74 (range 0.59-1.40) Low Vit D. Treated white cell count normal I took the 24 hour Free urine Cortisol test and it was only 2.5 points above the normal range 52.5 (range 4.0-50.0). I have another appt. with Endo but should I just cancel it as she said unless my Thyroid levels were out of range she would not treat me? I feel so horrible...mainly from the extreme weight gain and fatigue. I don't know what I should do next? Could this be Cushings? Hashimotos (but not affecting my thyroid levels yet), still Lymes disease? Appreciate your insight and Medical Expertise
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