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  1. Hi MCF! Sorry for the belated response. Yes, the test done was the overnight dexamethasone suppression test. As for lactose intolerance, I think I may have made myself misunderstood here. Fortunately, in spite of all my intolerances, I tolerate milk very well even during my worst times. I'll take some other tests in the next days, even 4pm serum cortisol, along with some other hormonal tests. Looks useful. Let's see what comes up. Thanks!
  2. Thanks MCF and brnice. You've been really helpful. brnice, I really can't think it's something normal to gain weight (and lose) in spurts. That doesn't look to be related to IBS. MCF, I'm not editing my lab results. Well, I'm cherry picking the ones that came most out of range, but for the forum. I've been tested even for celiac disease, fructose intolerance, lactose intolerance, essential hypertension, etc. I don't believe those results would really be helpful. But I'll try my best to correct it: one thing I didn't mention was that I was tested with dex, but only for plasma cortisol and A
  3. That surprises me. I've been on low sodium since the symptoms began but it really has done nothing to make by bp any better. I've had a lab result with low potassium as well (I've done so many lab tests and so many of them came out of range that I decided to post the ones I think are most suitable to this evaluation. Please tell me if that's not desirable). Overall, I notice I get better if I take mineral supplements. Anyway, you helped me a lot. Docs think I got SIBO due to mucosa atrophy (obviously I couldn't be celiac as I'm obese now), but IBS treatment with added probiotics are not im
  4. Actually I can't eat grains, fruits, raw vegetables or beans. They are not properly digested and cause me terrible flatulence, diarrhea and abdominal cramps even on external belly muscles. I feel very weak if I eat them. Most of time I eat cooked vegetables and meat which don'tmake me feel bad. I can't really cut sugar. Despite my glucose levels being normal, around 90, I experience some hypoglycemia like states which get better when I eat some candy. Actually I feel very sluggish if I don't eat sugar, but I try to keep it to a minimum. I forgot to add that I also have chronic ilness anemia.
  5. A local endo is ordering them. Says it's not Cushing's because my morning basal cortisol is low and my striae are not purple. Now I'm being treated for IBS. Treatment alleviated gut problems in the beginning but now causes me pain and constipation.
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