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  1. Why do I not have warning points?? Can I have some??

    1. JessP


      It's because we like you too much. :)

  2. Many surgeons are now doing exploratory pit surgery where the make thin slices to look for the tiniest tumors/blobs - even with no MRI evidence. Obviously pituitary Cushings is more difficult to cure when your body decides to make microscopic trouble makers! Your areas of hypointensity would have gotten you filleted by the top neurosurgeons here;). Even with us ambiguous blob makers in the mix, they still keep saying 80% cure. Ill call it remission so I don't freak out later if it comes back, but right this second the above procedure worked for me! Mags
  3. I think sometimes they never get huge they just spread. See dr. F's article called "cushings not necessarily a progressive fatal disease". I've had symptoms for a loooooong time and my pit had tiny globs that got sucked up. Tiny.
  4. I remember saying to one of my unhelpful docs that "if I have cushings I would like to skip the organ damage and more permanent side effects please". It didn't work because she was an idiot but I think most of us feel like we are trying to beat the clock on these type of outcomes. It's such a tedious drawn out process. Either way, more primary care and endos need to get it straight on how to at least triage and properly refer cushings patients on a more timely fashion. It's pretty crazy that in 2 years I got nowhere And in 1 month with a cushings specialist I was diagnosed And off to surgery!
  5. Oh, interesting...about 2 years ago I started using Tumeric daily to try to make head way with my Hidradenitis Suppurativa. I noticed a very small improvement in new outbreaks, but I didn't like the taste it left and I didn't think it made that much difference... But now I wonder... I have long since decided the boil problem is a Cushing's symptom ...I think I can realistically put the start of Cushing's around the time it started. Well, maybe it just gave me more time to not know what was coming! Mags
  6. Oh man, I wish I had an answer for this question, but I don't. I don't have a diagnosis, let along a cure path yet but I have already had this whole conversation in my head and with my husband. I hope it goes textbook perfect for you and you are cured quickly and completely! Mag
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