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  1. Kathy, I would put your story on face book and tell all your friends to pass it along to their friends, and their friends, etc. Be sure to mention Kaiser. I'm sure someone will pick up on your dilemma. I went through a similar battle getting my condition diagnosed. Thank God my Endocrinologist was one of the best and insisted on an IPSS test after my MRI was negative. This led to pituitary surgery by a Neurosurgeon from the Cleveland Clinic. Best in the nation and true lifesavers in my book. You cannot give up. You (or your son) must take control of his health and insist, insist, insist, on getting specific responses from his physicians. Develop a team of physicians starting with a Primary Care Physician, Endocrinologist and Neurosurgeon. Good luck. Again, don't settle or accept something that doesn't sound right. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. I bugged the heck out of my team and had pituitary surgery within two months of being diagnosed with Cushings.
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