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  1. Do you have stretch marks on your stomach or anywhere else on your body? That was what made me ask questions. I would say to my wife, look that guy is bigger than I am but he doesn't have stretch marks. Those were also the indicators that made the doctors and nurses at the hospital take notice. They were all preaching to me about my diet and exercise and I was protesting that I was already doing all of that. Then I raise my shirt and said what are these? That is when the conversation changed into lets run some tests. Good luck
  2. More questions if you don't mind. I have been having problems with memory issues especially names and how to get to places in the last two years. This is particularly bothersome because I used to do public speaking as a motivational speaker. I'm not sure I could do it now. Does this improve post surgery? I hope so, I want to teach people about this disease and help others. I also was diagnosed with glaucoma this summer. The vision test showed diminished peripheral vision. Can that be reversed or not? Assuming that is due to the pituitary tumor, will that make the surgery more risky / difficult? It seems that many people who have pituitary tumors have multiple surgeries and eventually have BLA. Is this due to new tumors on the pituitary gland and adrenal glands or have the adrenal glands been so damaged from years of too much cortisol that they aren't able to recover? Should I get a Medic alert and if so do I say adrenal emergency on it? What else should I put? Thanks. Jody Williams
  3. Thanks everyone. I am being referred to NIH in Maryland sometime this month. My doctor has sent all my test results to them. They have said they will admit me for a weeks worth of testing before doing the surgery. How long will I be in the hospital after the surgery and how long does someone usually stay out of work? I feel like I have a ton of questions. Thanks so much for answering them for me. Jody
  4. Hi, I'm new to the group and to being diagnosed with Cushing's. I have had symptoms for over 10 years but was being treated for high blood pressure, sleep apnea, diabetes, broken ribs twice, weight gain that I could never lose no matter how much I worked out and dieted. Doctors just said I need to work harder "it is a simple formula what you take in has to be less than what you burn up, work harder and eat less." I wanted to punch them sometimes. Anyway I had to have emergency surgery for a ruptured colon this fall and that is when someone finally looked at all the symptoms and the stretch marks on my stomach and put it all together. Since then I have been reading everything I can about Cushings. I have had a lot of test run and the MRI showed a 5mm x 6mm x 3mm pituitary tumor on December 24th (Merry Christmas). First is this a large tumor? I have seen post of people with much larger tumors. Does the size of the tumor affect the difficulty of the recovery? If I have had this for 10 years or longer, will that make the recovery harder and why would the tumor not be any bigger? Is the tumor still growing? Most of what I have read from medical center web-sites like John Hopkins and NIH seem to indicate that with successful surgery, a full recovery to pre-cushings lifestyle is likely. However when I read the post here and look at the cushing warrior area I see multiple surgeries with most pituitary patients having to have BLA surgery later. What is the truth? Can I expect to be feeling all better after the surgery or is this something that I may have to have multiple surgeries and eventually have BLA too? Thanks Jody Williams
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