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  1. Just won a bid on E-bay for a bike. Hopefully will collect it at the weekend and I can start cycling to lose some pounds or build up the muscle. Steve and I have always fancied cycling at the weekends especially in the Summer as the countryside here is gorgeous. I am trying to bid for a bike for Harry as the one he has is too small. This is the first time I have bidded on e-bay - can get very addictive but I am making sure I have cut off points as I don't have alot of cash right now so trying to grab a bargain! Steve is off today so hopefully after I have sorted a few things out we can go
  2. I had a telephone discussion with the course leader today and she advised me to withdraw from my nursing course and reapply to the other University once I have my test results through and all is OK. I personally think this is the most sensible course of action although I would have liked a simple transfer, it would be easier this way. I feel very sad about not being able to work with my new friends but I guess life has a different deck of cards for me. My cheeks are still burning red, I look very cushingoid today. I feel so tired and a little low. I thought I'd jump on the scales and see
  3. Well, its been a proactive day in terms of my health and fitness. I started my new healthy eating regime today and did 20 minutes on the strider. It really tired me out. I am 8 weeks post-op tomorrow and I told myself that once my 8 weeks recovery is up, I will attempt to see if I can lose some weight. I am not that optimistic being on 30mg of hydro as it is bound to prevent weight loss, but even if a few pounds come off and I hit a plateau I will be happy. I don't like being this big and the last time I was this big was just before my 1st op and I had full-blown cushings then. I am gettin
  4. Well, I went in for the blood draw on Tuesday and it took 5 attempts to find a vein that would co-operate - came away with all my arm swollen and bruised. It's very sore. yesterday, I was feeling so rough. I think its a combination of starting back on the hydrocortisone and changing insulin. Actrapid ceased production at the end of December and I had enough to see me through to now. I have been switched to Novotrapid which is a shorter acting insulin. I feel very rough. I was incredibly emotional yesterday evening. I just wanted to sit down and cry and just get it all out of my system - someti
  5. Currently doing a 4-day Dex test. Started on Friday and will have a blood draw tomorrow (Tuesday) at 9am. Also doing 2 days of 24hr UFC collections. Felt really awful on the 1st day - awoke during the night shaking, couldn't regulate my body temperature, hot and cold extremes, sharp pains in a centralised area of the back of my head, feeling nauseous. Today I am feeling quite energised. I never know how to look at it, is this good, or is this a bad sign. Cushings can be so confusing whether you are pre or post-op. I am going to the hospital with Mum today. She is having an ultrasound as sh
  6. I must admit if on my first diagnosis I had been told a pituitary tumour, I wouldn't have had a clue but a brain tumour is more clear cut. All I know is I want the buggar out...lol!!
  7. I've always been told that I have a 'benign brain tumour' by all of my consultants and my neurosurgeon...?!!
  8. I wish I knew a cure for it...its one of the things I hate the most and I have suffered since I was in my late teens. Thanks for posting this Mary.
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    I'm sorry Christy...I didn't forget you, honest ummmmmm...I just forgot you were redirected...
  10. It's lovely to see another blogger Kandy!! I hope we can give each other all the support we need...you need not feel alone here... Much love Diane xx
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    Hi Jack, Its lovely to see someone else trying out the blogging...me and Adrienne were feeling very alone! You have a very beautiful family...you must be extremely proud. I think its fantastic that you are a stay at home Dad and are obviously providing a very stimulating environment for your children - that's the hardest thing I found, being in recovery, that I had little energy to take Harry out and participate in activities. he is 4yrs old and I just sometimes feel that I am hindering him. As time goes on and I feel better, we are doing more things though. I still haven't got him a place
  12. I wear the white 'Make Poverty History' wrist band. Lot's of charities are using this as a way of promoting their causes - I think it's a fantastic idea. Diane
  13. I wear the white 'Make Poverty History' wrist band. Lot's of charities are using this as a way of promoting their causes - I think it's a fantastic idea. Diane
  14. Hi Mary, I can't praise you enough for this wonderful site and I sing your praises and those of other people on this site to most Doctors that I meet here in the UK. If there is anything I can do here then I will. Hopefully one day some of us UK cushies can meet you all. Until then I'll keep posting and you have certainly given me some other ideas on the list. I always said once I had the op and was cured I wouldn't turn my back on other people suffering and that promise still stands. Love to you all. Diane x
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